Web Mockups


Me and my team got aproached by the school tasked to make design for the new website. After some extensive user testings, we rebuild the current site physically with post-its. This made it easier to structure and move around content until we got a better structure and managed to remove some functions that were deemed un neccisery by the user teststs or that we already included in another place. the site was crowded with redundancy. The page needed to be working on all platforms. Above is the mockups for the mobile version.

Mileader (Milega)

A Company Called Milega Gave me and my team an asignment in developing a new Website to Digigitalize on of there fysical folders they handed out during thier many Courses about Leadership. After some research we quickly established the needs of thier costumers and one feature after aother we crossed them out one after another. We deigned it to allow quick on-the-go inputs as well as sturctured ability to check for coming goals, progress and goals gone by.

rpgg.org (RPG Gamers)

This is one of my larger projects with a lifetime dream. Classicla RPG games with dices and pen and paper is a bit outdated with the world of today. Even though there exists tools to make the RPG experience smother and improved, they are either doing to little or shutdown pretty quickly after launch. This site has the aim of making classic RPG just as easy (if not better) to play virtually online, compared to play in real life. This project has 3 yaers of extensive reasearch behind it and multiple designs tried through to make the best experience. Current status: Work In Progress (W.I.P).


One-page (Rdot, former electronic papers)

My team got approached by a start up company called Electronic papers. They where looking for multiple tings to buy from us, New name, Logo, and a whole Graphical profile with infographics included. While the rest of my team went to work on the graphical profile stuff, I got tasked with designing the webbpage. They wanted a one page scroll site, so I was looking around for inspiration and found a couple like, a navbar that is only visible when you need it. It apears when you scroll up, hides when scrolling down.

Also found good code to change the color of an element depending on which element it was curently floating over. Good to avoid problems with contrasts between them. Allthough the toughest part was making sure there were no "bastards" in the text during the responsiveness (when a text ends on a new line with only a short bit of text).

Booking Page (Time 2 Meet)

We got aproached by a company called Time 2 Meet, that had thier own ways of booking confrance rooms in the way of hotels.com. They had problems with costumer never heading all the way to the booking point of the roosm they were displaying on the page. After anlyzing the data analytics we found that many was looking for more information about the room, some for more images and a way to enlarge the image. We also found many in our user tests that thought the colors of the page it self were pretty bleak and boring. We did then transform thier page with the feutre requested, a darker and more modern design that made the room cards feel more luxiours and even coded in a neat clanedar system to book the room in advance and see thet staus of the room at various dates, something that got high praises from the client.

Event Calendar (HHGS)

My company got aproached by the head of the Student Union at the University of Handels in Gotthenburg. They currently offered a function to let the student book and see avilable events on thier website. However, They only displayed the dates where it was something planned and they wanted to have a Calndar display an entire month to help thier visitors with a better overview of the distance between the events. The calendar is responsive, has two calendars on the side to offer quick preview of the comming month's event and last months. By click on an even in the Calendar you get transfered to the event specific page where you may read up more on the event in question. The Calendar even have a ticket status function that helps display the current avilablity of tickets for the current event, color coded.