Photo Manipulations

Boyz (Redisign, Social Experiment)

As part of my linguistics study at the University of Halmstad, I got told about how magazine adapts their deisgn to only target specific genders and how you can usually see on the cover which gender it was designed for. To clearify, the teacher showed two magazines, one Boyslife and one called Miz. One with a manyly basket player on a plain background and much text, one with Emma Watson on a bright blue background and crowded with images. I then went home and took all the content of the Boyslife magazine and designed it with the design of Miz. If I show the new Boyz magazine to people they claim it's a girls magazine, even though it still contains the very same info displayed on the cover as to old version.

THE SKIN (Montage, Ad Poster)

As part of a school asignment we got tasked with making a poster out of multiple images put together, working with retuch, light and color settings. The product we got tasked with had no real name jsut what type it was. THE SKIN is a lotion for men developed by natural resourses. My target group had the typical manliness complex to satisfy which I had to include in the design. I then thought of good influensers that men could get inspired by that also is manly and work with nature. I then thoguht of Bear Grills from Extream Survival, and came up with the idea of a cocky slogan over desert where, moisture is a rarity to help sell the idea of lotion. The moistre in this picture is comming from a tap on a cactus which stores gallons of water, and tapping trees for syroup is also a "manly thing to do".

THE SKIN (Layout Merge)

I keep on getting told that among the best people at writing intresting social updates, are journalists. I can belive them considering how journalists tells intrestings stories in newspapers for a living. I then got a fun ideo from an old facebook function where you could get all your facebook updates from the last year, printed out and designed into graphical art on a christmas card. This takes it all a step further, what if you could have an enitre newspaper printed with all your updates and comments as Articles? This was a very fun experiment and I got pretty satified with the end result too.

Digital Art

Blue Velevett

One of my hobbys is classic RPG games with dices and paper sheets. Not only do you get to play in your own world with your own rules, but you also gets to create your own characters and make their backstory fit with the world and campaign in question.

Blue Velevett is a Video blogger for the underworld in Cyber City. She has a tragical past with the loss of her mother at young age and a father working as a cop with a heavy drinking problem that she blames her mothers death on. I spend hour researching and developing this character. From spending hours of reading up on symbolism of certain tattoes to researching psycology about verious types of images one adepts depending on life crises and changes.
I dare say I know this fictive character better than I know myself.

Pillow Talks

Pillow Talks was mostly made as the purpose to be manipulated into the header section fo this site, however I got extreamly satisifed with the result so now this orignal is hanging framed on my wall.

I always try to find new intresting poses for me to paint, in this case I found out I didn't have a single one in Landscape mode, so after a bit of searching on the web I found this pose and got to work. This image is made from 4 different reference images. One for the hair, one for the dress, one for the pose and one for the bed. The fun challange is to combine them into one since every picture has been taken in it's own angle, maening I have to visualize how the hair would flow in this postion for instance.

The Jays

Intrestingly enought, it's another selfportrait. The images displays how I would imagine myself look if I were born a girl instead of boy.

This was a tricky one to work with. Some might say it would be easy, just take a look at your sister and there you have it, however, people are indeed shaped differently depending on life experience. For instance, would I still have the same intrests and hobbys? My sister has a big political intrests, while I barley can keep track on which are in the goverment. Second, the garments. Women have so many more different types of garment, strange to men. Would I still prefere to wear jeans? if so, tight or lose? Short, or maybe even a jeans skirt?. I eventually looked for the stuff I curently had in my loset and desided that theese garment would still keep up with my male life experience and image. Tricky but fun.