Showreal 2017

A short compilation of work performed and done during my first year at the digital Designer Program at YRGO. When I asked my class mates and teachers what they thought were "my thing" they all said Webdesign (cause it was a rare skill in class), with this video I wanna show how I am so much more than just your avrage Web designer.

The Hunter

You know that one scenario when you get an asignment to bring photoatge to the next meeting, and you remember that on the buss stop on the way there? The Hunter is a short Documentary Parody/Meta movie of a man in just that position. Finding a Flock of Pigeons that he desperatley tries to capture on film.

Since it was one of those in-the-moment recordings of mine, I only managed to capture it on my cellphone. However, I belive that the messedge uplifts the quality. Also my first movie with my own Subtitles.

DD17 ad

As part of our campaign strategy for YRGO's next comming year of Digital Designers, we made this short ad to grab the attention of those who think an university diploma automatically grants you a job, while also help brust the prejudice bubble that University and Collage is the superior school form. Starting up with the sad picture of how you need practical experience to get job, and not just be a good studdy. This is shown in text slides gliding by to the sad music from a cello. Then you see the light and the music switches to happy piano tones as the messedge about applications to YRGO is opening up soon and they grant you the work experience you need to get the jobs you want.


DD17 GiF

As part of the capaign strategi for DD17 at YRGO, we made this important messedge to the applicants to show the true spirit of Digital Designers at YRGO turning the "DD17" into a friendly face with it's messge to the masses displaying in the margins. Very appriciated by the client.

Kübler Ross (5 stages of Grief)

In todays modern world, we tend not to use text as much to express our self; Kübler Ross is an experiment animation where the patient goes through all 5 stages in 30s, without saying a single word. Are you able to figure out in which order these stages are displayed?

Anger, Bargain, Fear, Acceptance, Denial.

Summerburt Oatly (Stop motion)

After a fun full day with Forsman & Borderfors we made this movie. We got handed products from Oatly with the asignment to make a moving social media content. They had no new product to launch, or anything new exiting to share, but they had to share something.
aftter watching thier comersials my team got the idea to make a stopmotion advetising a "new" product called Summerburst. But once it comes to show, the product falls a part, revealing the plain old oatly in new cover. Pretty fun assignment, but the work with the greenscreen editing was real pain.