Joey Jay

Let me take this time off to intruduce myself, my name is Joacim Johansson a.k.a Joey Jay. In all my life I’ve been facinated about other people and languges. In my High School years, my friends and I learned the freedom of using the english languge, a language spoken by millions of people aroudn the world. Therefor, we dicided to start talking english to eachother in a way of keeping our skills up, as well as learning new words and make sure that everyone would know what we were talking about and not feel exluded from the conversation due to languge barriers. However, we discovered qucikly that Joacim and Johansson where two names that were hard to say accuretly in english, there for my friends started calling me Joey in English, my self just shortening my surname to be just with a J, that turned into Jay.

Break it Down!

Children are sweet but could be anyoing sometimes when they try your patientce with asking the simple question, over, and over again: “Why?”. Me on the other hand takes lessons from them, the more we ask the more we learn. The wisest man of all is not the one who sit silent with thier own knowledge, but the one that ask the question to learn more knowledge. Even though “Because” is such a simple answer to give, it’s far from the only answer you can give to the situation. I have gone into so much detail when a kid asks me why, that kid eventually stopped asking. Not a single time did I reply with just “because” or “beacuse it is so”.
Way back in junior school, the teachers kept telling me to explain thing like if I were explaining for a three year old. Back then, I thought they were overdoing it. Now as I'm older, I learned that it's important that you explain stuff so that a three year old understands, as long as you don't use the same tone you would have with one.

Knowledge is power

The short version:

The long version...
I’ve been studding Digital Production in High School for 3 year. There I learned about 3D modeling in Maya, 3D-sculpting in Sculptris, Photomanipulation in Photoshop, Webbdeisgn in MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP.
 1 year at the infromatics program at the University of Halmstad Majoring Web Design. Teaching me about UX-design, Audio Manipulation in Soundbooth, MSSQL, ASP.NET, C#, VisualStudios.

1 out of 2 years as Digital Designer at YRGO in Gothenburg. Learning more techniques like Green Screen Recordings, Stop Motions, Retush, Advertising campaings, UX design, GUI design, WordPress, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design, Layout settings for Books, Typography, Creating graphical Profiles, Animations, Client Presentations, Infographic Design, Protyping in Invision and Flinto, Sketch, After Effects and Premier Pro.